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Tech: A woman discovered a 5 pound avocado larger that’s larger than her head — and it could break a world record

largest avocado in the world

While on a walk, Hawaii resident found a huge avocado. Guinness World Records is now determining if it's the heaviest avocado ever.

  • A resident of Kealakekua, Hawaii discovered a giant avocado while on a walk on Sunday.
  • She is waiting to hear back from Guinness World Records on whether it's the world's heaviest avocado.
  • The found fruit is a special variety called Daily 11, which is usually three times larger than the standard hass avocado.

While on a walk over the weekend, Pamela Wang, a resident of Kealakekua, Hawaii, found something miraculous: a 5.23-pound avocado the size of her head.

Guinness World Records is now determining whether it's the heaviest avocado ever, according to West Hawaii Today.

The avocado is not of the Hass variety, which is what grocery stores often carry. It's a different varietal called Daily 11 that's typically three times larger than the standard avocado. Daily 11's grow in fall and winter months and are not commercially available.

After Wang found her giant avocado, she immediately went to the Pure Kona Green Farmers Market to show it to the local farmers there. Wang then posted a photo of the fruit on Facebook, and a few friends suggested it could break a world record, which prompted her to submit it to Guinness.

Guinness doesn't have a category for "largest avocado," but it does have one for "heaviest," the record Wang is trying to break. The current record holder, Gabriel Ramirez Nahim of Venezuela, discovered a 4-pound avocado in 2009.

If Guinness' panel confirms that Wangs' avocado is legitimate, she could dethrone him.

Hawaiian farmers hold titles for heaviest jackfruit at 76 pounds and largest soursop (a flowering fruit) at 24 inches around and 11.5 inches long, respectively.

"I see avocados every day, and I pick up avocados every day, but this one … it was hard to miss," Wang told West Hawaii Today.

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