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Politics: Sydney was the hottest place on Earth on Sunday

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The temperature hit 117.14 degrees Fahrenheit in Sydney.

  • The Sydney suburb of Penrith was the hottest place on Earth on Sunday.
  • The thermometer hit 47.3 degrees Celsius, or 117.14 Fahrenheit.

Sydney was the hottest place in the world on Sunday.

The mercury in the Sydney suburb of Penrith hit 47.3 degrees Celcius, or 117.14 Fareinheit.

While some residents flocked to pools and beaches around the city, others took to social media to let off some steam.

There were some scientifically dubious, but hilarious, posts from Twitter user Clem Hall.

And endless screenshots of weather apps and phones shutting off because it was too hot.

There were also some very Aussie tweets. Some alluded to Zooper Dooper ice blocks many kids eat in summer, while another focused on the local tradition of 'sausage sizzle' barbecues at home improvement store Bunnings.

Over at the Sydney Cricket Ground, the site of the last Ashes test between Australia and Britain, trackers indicated the ground felt like 57 degrees.

And finally, Business Insider Australia's Associate-in-Chief Editor Paul Colgan finally achieved a life goal.

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