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Ali Ahmadu: The boy who was left crippled by Boko Haram is back on his feet in an amazing story

A happy Ahmadu returns back to Nigeria thrilled to be home.

6 year old Ali Ahmadu was run over by a Boko Haram militant in Chibok village, Borno State.

Ali Ahmadu is a 6 year old Boko Haram victim who had severe spinal cord injuries after being run over by Boko Haram terrorists with a motorcycle during an invasion of Chibok village in 2013 successfully completed a spinal surgery in Dubai, United Arab Emirate (UAE).

Ahmadu, who had been left paralyzed by the attack, spent 3 months undergoing a set of surgeries and physiotherapy sessions in a Dubai Hospital and returned back to Nigeria on Monday, able to walk again.


Who are the NGOs responsible for helping Ahmadu?

Ahmadu was flown to Dubai in September by a Nigerian Humanitarian Aid Organization, Global Initiative for Peace, Love and Care (GIPLC) through a sponsorship  of over $50,000by Nigerian oil trading company – Taleveras Group, and the Dickens Sanomi Foundation.

Goodluck Hayi in a press conference at Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja on Monday, December 4 at the welcoming of Ahmadu expressed the foundations happiness at the 6 year olds recovery.

"Dickens Sanomi Foundation will be working with Ali’s family through GIPLC and will be supporting Ali post surgery life to help him settle into Abuja and grow as a child. About three months ago, we all witnessed Ali Ahmadu being taken away on a wheel chair… What started as a painful Journey for little Ali four years ago that confined him to a wheel chair, has transformed into a journey of hope, love and care".

Hayi also announced that Ahmadu would be given a scholarship by the foundation to study up till university level.

Why did Ali receive treatment in Dubai?

Nuhu Kwajafah, the Coordinator of GIPLC, said that the boy did not have access to any form of orthodox medication until he was discovered by the NGO.

While various government bodies in Nigeria had promised to take up Ahmadu’s treatments, none of them did. The organisation facilitated the relevant examinations and lab tests for assessment and proper medical attention.

The results obtained showed that he required quality medical care and the Nigerian health care system could not provide these services needed. Options were then assessed until they settled on the option of taking him to the UAE courtesy of the Taleveras Group and Dickens Sanomi Foundation.

The treatment included fixing his spine where some screws were added, followed by rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

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