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Meets Media Weddings: 5 things Nigerian brides need to stop immediately!

Have you given it enough thought before saying 'I do'?

Golden instructions for women who intend to marry in style and class soon.

As beautiful as many Nigerian weddings tend to be, there are still loads of issues that need to change, a major one being the obsessive, selfish attitude of brides [and grooms] towards their big day.

Over and over again, the unnecessary zealousness to have unaffordable society weddings has been discouraged but the craze seems to never die down.

This is why this instructive Twitter thread is gold and would come in handy for anyone who intends to marry soon and need to keep themselves in check.

Tweeted  by Ozzy Etomi, here are five things every intending bride [and groom] need to pay attention to as they prepare for their big day:

1. Force people to be part of your wedding

“It should be okay for people to decline being a bridesmaid if it's honestly too expensive. It should be okay for your friends who cannot afford you aso-ebi to not be forced to spend the money,” she says.

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2. No need to overplay your bridal shower

“It should be okay a bridal shower to be whatever is within the bridesmaids/friends/family budget and I miss the days when it was girls kikii-ing it up in someones living room.

Women waste too much time and spend too much money and effort on weddings,” she tweets.

3. It’s OK to break out of the wedding routine

Ozzy Etomi correctly says; “The sameness and routine of [weddings] is played out.

"I know our culture is overwhelmingly oppressive but I wish more brides were allowed autonomy to celebrate their day however they see fit.

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4. The world to revolve around your wedding

“Another thing – yes getting married is supposedly the "greatest" event of a woman's live, but stop expecting your wedding to take precedence over things in other people's lives.

“It’s important that your friends are there to celebrate with you & ply you with compliments.

“But don’t use being a 'bride' as an excuse to stop being a friend or being there for others. Your stress isn't more important than someone else's because it’s for a wedding, neither [to be honest], is your event so much more pressing than anything going on in someone else's life.”

5. Don't get sucked up

"Everytime I see someone morph into a "bride" I'm looking at them like, you're really gonna get sucked into all this shit. It must be addictive – I have no idea," the Tweep writes about brides' tendencies to become absolutely abosrbed into the craze to have a perfect wedding.

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