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Love Problems: 5 subtle signs of unhappiness in a relationship


Dissatisfaction in relationships is not always visible. Here are 5 ways to know your partner is lowkey unhappy.

It's often said that no one has to wait for a relationship to find happiness. And really, it's true.

Everyone is meant to know themselves enough to understand the things and activities that make them happiest and most excited in life.

Notwithstanding the level of happiness you have found on your own, however, getting into a relationship should add something to you.

It should make you better in some way and increase happiness. At the very least, loving someone or being in a relationship with them should not drain the happiness they had when they were on their own.

So here's the thing about unhappiness and dissatisfaction in relationships; it is not always visible. It is not always seen in the quarrels and complaints and nagging and other apparent forms you might expect.

Sometimes, it is manifested in ways that are way more subtle than that and here they are:

1. Always out with friends

If his time out is increasing, if her time out with the girls start becoming higher, it could be a sign of something gone wrong.

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2. Decidedly less physical

No more hugs or reduced hugs. No more kisses or a great decrease in how frequent they are. No more sex or sex is now done just perfunctorily.

When your relationship gets here, you need start asking questions because your partner may no longer be as happy as they were even if they are not saying anything about it.

3. Silent treatment

It's OK for a partner to want peace and quiet, and it's fine to afford them that opportunity. However when a bubbly, outspoken partner now chucks it all in; never comments or complains about anything as they'd normally do, it couls be a sign of unhappiness.

Maybe you hardly change things he or she complains about.

4. Alone time becomes higher than normal

Yep. If they'd rather be by themselves than spending time with you, it's cause for alarm. Whether they say so or refuse to mention it.

5. Overlooking too many things

A partner who suddenly overlooks everything is likely no longer interested in putting in the effort required to make a relationship work.

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