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Love & Dating: How to make your long-distance relationship work like magic

Communication can not be downplayed in a long distance relationship

Your long-distance relationship can actually be a happy place for you and your partner.

People usually find themselves in long distance relationships for circumstantial reasons rather than deliberate ones.

The notion is that long distance relationships are difficult to maintain, and that the possibility of losing emotional connection is stronger than normal.

People love to avoid these relationships until they somehow find themselves attached to someone who has to be away physically.

Whatever the case, long distance relationships can be just as beautiful as every other relationship. And if you are careful to follow the rules by Uwanma Odefa listed below, your relationship will be a happy place for you and your partner.

1. Communication

Uwanma says you need to have make a "concerted effort" to ensure that communication never ever dies down especially if the distance is a physical one.

The vlogger advises that you should have at least four communications per day, one of which should  be video call.

This is to ensure that the empty gaps created by lack physical closeness is adequately plugged.

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2. Virtual sex

For a relationship that lacks in physical closeness, the idea of actual sex will surely pose some difficulties. And this is where partners need to keep an open mind and be pliable towards making the best of the situation at hand.

While you might not be able to hold and touch and carress physically, making use of technology – sexting, video calls, etc- can help before you eventually see each other and have sexual intimacy the way you want.


3. See each other regularly

For couples who are physically close but emotionally distant, intentionally creating moments for each other is very important. Set dinner dates, lunch dates, make sure you cuddle and share thoughts no matter how tired you are or how brief the exchange. You just have to ensure that you make these things work.

And if you and your partner are physically separated from each other, you need to make the effort of seeing each other at least twice in each quarter, Uwanma advises.

Watch the video below to hear more about this.

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