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Twitter: The consequences of posting your dirty laundry on social media

Don't air your dirty laundry on social media

Social media can be a fun space for entertainment and getting information. With the advantages of the freedom of expression on the site, it also comes with disadvantages.

One of the features of the Internet is that it never
forgets. And this could have a negative effect for some people.

People share almost everything on social media: their
outfit of the day, what they're eating, their social activities,
night outs with friends, their significant others, and other
private details.

Some are bold enough to not only share the good
times but also the bad times like when they’ve gone through
depression, financial hardships, near death experiences and the
loss of a loved one.

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There are some who turn social media into a
secret diary/ journal of sorts – forgetting their posts are public,
they post their innermost thoughts and dirt. Sometimes it’s not
just dirt on themselves but also dirt on others. There are also
some who think of the platforms as their best friends and share
their unorthodox thoughts.

Yesterday, October 10, 2017 two grown
women who happened to be best friends exposed the dirt they had on
each other on Twitter. While they thought they were defending their
reputations and putting each other in check, they actually were not
– they just created a timeline of entertainment for Nigerian
Twitter users from their pain.

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While you think the drama may stay
online, it could have consequences offline in the real world.
Here are some of the possible effects:

People create an impression of you

From your tweets people build a
profile of you. These days when companies or head hunters are
looking for potential employees or talent besides looking at your
CV – social media is one of the good to places for them to explore
to analyse your personality.


It could damage people’s lives and
your livelihood

Your posts could hurt others – their reputations
and emotions. As with the case of the feuding women yesterday, to
prove their point, they pulled in innocent bystanders into the mud
with them. Hurtful posts could damage relationships.


It could also
affect your bread and butter. Yes – your social media post could
get you fired.  

Strangers know your dirt

Except you are super
confident, brace yourself for walking into a room where strangers
know details of your private live.

Cyber bullying

Whether you are
airing dirt on yourself or others, you expose yourself and anyone
else involved to cyber trolls. Cyber bullying involves making fun of a
person, insulting and harassing them online. It could have
emotional and mental ramifications. While people might say it’s
easy to just log out, if you’re a social media addict, this could
be hard and you could fall into the traps of the trolls by letting
their words get to you and reacting.

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