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“Snowflake Boy”: 10-yr-old pupil goes to school with frozen hair

Wang Manfu.

There have been an online appeal to generate money for the "Snowflake Boy" as well as other poor children.

A viral picture of a 10-year-old boy, Wang Manfu, also known as the "Snowflake Boy", who went to school with a frozen hair in the Xinjie township of China, has become a subject of amusement for his classmates.

The image of the pupil was shared by Fu Heng, the  headmaster of Zhuanshanbao Primary School where he studies.


According to reports, a reason for the unique hair reaction was due to the fact that he walked three miles to school under freezing temperatures.

Heng explained that the boy who walks approximately 4.5 kilometres to get to school lives very far away from the place of learning. He added that the temperature of the environment where it was located quickly dropped to an extreme level, allowing for a drastic change in the boy's hair.

"It was the first day of their final exams. The temperatures dropped to minus nine degrees Celsius in about 30 minutes that morning," the school Reporter told Chinese press.

The pupil who is also regarded as a funny character among his peers did not have to make a lot of efforts making them laugh. The sight of the Manfu provided all the needed comic reaction.

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According to Asia One News, the Yunnan China Youth Development Foundation launched a public donation campaign on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, in a bid to help the schoolboy as well as other people living in poor conditions in the community.

It reportedly pledged each needy child 500 Yuan to help them stay warm in winter.

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