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Shigidi: We shouldn’t mock our tradition and culture

Bollylomo desecrating an effigy

Our tradition and culture isn't up for Internet bants and retweets.

Nigerian culture and ancient history is well layered and plays a huge part in who we are in this day and age.

Some Nigerians have forgotten about our heritage and culture. Instead of revering and respecting it, they sometimes goof around and unknowingly mock it.

A perfect example of this is the media personality/actor Bollylomo who recently shared a disturbing photo of himself licking the nipple of a shigidi.


A Shigidi is the effigy of a Yoruba deity. The explanation alone hints that a shigidi is not a random topless work of art that anyone can stick his tongue to. It is cultural and a part of our history. Not everyone appreciated Bollylomo's tweet and went ahead to blast him for it. He later deleted the tweet but it's the Internet and things never go away.

We should be proud that not all our artifacts got whitewashed during colonialism and western influence. A lot of links to our great past remains and some still choose to worship the old gods. This is fine.

We have to respect our heritage and culture even if you are a 21st Century Pentecostal Christian. You don't just go around making a mockery of a people's way of life and worship.


And to be honest, we the millennial woke gang need to respect this part of our history more. We should show reverence to the way our ancestors did things and not just jump on the bandwagon and treat is as trivial.

It is also a trap to think that our ancient religions are outdated and do not hold any form of power. It would be wrong to do so. These effigies are still potent and people shouldn't blindly disrespect them.

The Western world might treat our past as just art but we should take it more seriously and not use them for retweets and likes.

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