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Sexual Harassment: UNILAG graduate claims lecturer put his “wretched hand” on her thigh

UNILAG graduate claims lecturer put his "wretched hand" on her thigh

Aigbeme Okonkwo accused Prof Louis Egwari who is now a lecturer at Covenant University of sexually harassing her in 2006.

Another sexual harassment allegation against Nigerian lecturers has come up on social media as a University of Lagos graduate, Aigbeme Okonkwo accused a Covenant University lecturer of sexually assaulting her.

Okonkwo took to her Facebook page on Monday, January 8 to call out Professor Loius Egwari who she said sexually harassed her when he was a lecturer at the UNILAG in 2006.


The lady whose father was also a lecturer at UNILAG when the incident happened said she went to Egwari's office regarding her course work and a moment after entering the office, the lecturer stood from his seat, moved closer to her and touched her thigh saying " I didn’t know you were so beautiful''

She wrote:

Professor Louis Egwari keeps mum

Meets Media reached out to  Professor Egwari, who is now a lecturer at Covenant University to seek his response to the sexual harassment allegation Okonkwo levied against him.

We called Prof Egwari's personal mobile lines several times on Thursday, January 11 to react to the allegations. He wasn't available for comment.

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We also sent a message to his official and personal email, but the lecturer has not responded to the messages.


The sexual allegation against Egwari lectures at the Department of Biological Science comes after a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University Funke Dezarn, accused a former lecturer of the University of failing medical students for refusing to have sex with him.

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