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Poor Girl! Ex-convict accidentally murders teenage girlfriend in sex game

Megan Bills' final moments with her killer.

The deceased and her killer were captured in a CCTV footage as they went out on shopping.

Fresh out of jail, 24 years old Ashley Foster, has reportedly strangled his teenage girlfriend, Megan Bills, 17, to death during a sex game gone wrong.

A CCTV footage showed the pair out on shopping hours before she was killed. She died on Wednesday, May 3, 2017, at a hostel reserved for former inmates located in Brierley Hill, West Midlands, The Independent UK reported.


The ex-convict allegedly wrapped Bills' corpse in cling-film following a distraction turned tragic. A court described it as a “snuff movie fantasy”.

The video which documented the last activities of the deceased shortly before her death was presented to a jury on Tuesday, January 9, 2018.

“Megan was seen wearing boots she had borrowed from her mother and tartan trousers.

“Foster is wearing black trainers with white stripes, a t-shirt and perhaps green or blue trousers.

“At 3.35pm we can see Megan going into Mr Foster's room, she is not wearing those black boots.

“This is the last sighting of Megan on the footage from any of the CCTV cameras," Crispin Aylett QC a prosecutor reportedly told a court.

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Carley Forrester, the half-sister of the accused, had disclosed that the latter asked her to buy cling-film and had lied when asked about why he needed one.

Foster's trial which is being held at the Wolverhampton Crown Court is still ongoing according to reports.

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