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Nudity: Why most Nigerians are against it

Maheeda is one of Nigeria's leading nudists

Mainstream Nigerians can't stand nudity but in the underground it's a different thing altogether.

A lady on her birthday decided to show off her birthday suit. She posted the photo on her social media page.

In Nigeria, it is not every day that a young lady posts her modest body for all to see. The story got picked up by sites and blogs. What came next was pretty much predictable.

Cue the negative comments, holy outrage and condemnation. You pretty much know how it goes. Nigeria is a prudish country when it comes to sex and nudity.


For every young Nigerian who watches and listens to shows on sex and sexuality, there are a least dozen Nigerians who tow the conservative line.

Why are Nigerians so against nudity? The country is deeply religious, cut across Christian and Muslim religions. Both faiths which are mainstream frown on nudity and sex.


Also, adding that Nigeria is a very cultural country. Even though Nigeria is made up of a hundred tribes, most of them have one or two things in common like nudity in public spaces.

So even with the rise of social media, you don't expect Uncle Tunde or Aunty Nkechi to take part in the free the nipple movement. Nudists are very rare in Nigeria.

The ironic thing is that while there is a public and united stance on nudity, stats reveal that behind closed doors Nigerians love a little bit of flesh like almost everyone else.


The underground porn scene points to something about some Nigerians- not everyone is against public nudity. They may not be in the majority but they are many enough.

A cursory use of Google search will show you that Nigerians are searching for more porn than Americans. The population of Nigeria is 180 million. The population of America is nearly twice that of Nigeria with 323 million. America is the porn capital of the world but Nigeria is searching for it more.


Why are Nigerians watching more porn? Nigeria masks itself as a conservative society yet the search for online porn has been on the rise. This can be linked with the access Nigerians have to the Internet via mobile data.

So while the mainstream is still against nudity there are others who are searching for it.

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