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Instagram Models: It seems Nigeria’s billionaires are now bringing foreign sex workers into the country

MediaTakeOut reports that Instagram thots have abandoned Dubai to get into the pockets of wealthy Nigerian businessmen.

Our country has added another feather to its cap.

MediaTakeOut reports that Nigeria is now the favourite destination for Instagram thots hoping to discreetly make money through various sexual acts.

2017 was filled with all kinds of strange news. One of the most shocking of them was the story of how popular Instagram models were going to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Their targets were wealthy Arabian businessmen who were willing to pay substantial amounts to satisfy their sexual fetishes.

One of 2017's trending stories on Twitter involved instances of commercial sex workers who travelled to Dubai to Dubai at the request of men with various fetishes and in some cases, sexually-transmitted diseases.

Well, 2017 has passed and with the new year, it’s a new system. According to MediaTakeOut, these Instagram personalities, which the publication refers to as thots, have a new hustle and it’s in Nigeria.

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Wait, why did they leave Dubai?

As an unnamed Instagram madame told MTO, some of the girls still visit Dubai. However, the city has become a hotbed for high-level commercial sex work and as a matter of necessity, they have had to move to other cities.

The new lick is in NIGERIA. There are a bunch of EXTREMELY wealthy (billionaires) there, and a lot of rich men that are comfortable tricking of tens of thousands on sex”, she is reported to have said.

The only thing is that these Nigerian [rich] men have a fetish. They like their (rears) eaten. Almost every man that contacts me says that the girls have to be ready to (practice analingus).

Anilingus is the oral and anal sex act in which a person stimulates the anus of another by using the mouth, including lips, tongue, or teeth.

While MediaTakeOut may not be the most veritable news outlet in the world, there has been a visible trend of hyper-sexualised personalities entering Nigeria in the past few months.

Recently, models from certain East African countries and a host of notable American models have flocked to Nigeria for “entertainment”.

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Some of these have been sighted at the homes of very prominent Nigerians and in the most elite clubs and hangouts.

A lot of money is exchanging hands

Obviously, if this story checks out, bringing these women to Nigerian must cost a fairly substantial amount of money.

It’s All expenses paid, $2,500 a day (with a three-day minimum)”, the madame told MediaTakeOut.


It is popular knowledge that expensive commercial sex workers cater to many of Nigeria’s wealthy and powerful.

At night in the most vibrant cities, harems exchange their services for figures as high as 300,000 Naira per night.

Dubai also has a delicate relationship with Nigerians, mostly due to sex workers.

In the recent past, the UAE placed restrictions on the entry of Nigerians below the age of 30. One of the reasons noted was the heavy influx of Nigerian sex workers into the city of Dubai in search of work.

Last year, Meets Media documented the economics of sex in the city of Lagos. The story highlighted the gulf in class between how the wage earners and the wealthy satisfy their desires with the services of commercial sex workers.

With that in mind, this is not a new trend by any means. Its resurgence on this level, especially with social media as a factor, is worth observing.

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