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Football Crazy: Sports fanatic murders wife for changing football programme

Tony Thomas.

Tony Thomas, who had stepped out of his apartment to smoke a cigarette, murdered his wife for changing a TV programme.

In Arkansas, United States of America, a 58-year-old man, Tony Thomas, has been charged for murdering his wife, Carlisle because she changed a football programme.

According to Fox News, the deceased made the move while her husband was out smoking a cigarette. He was reportedly watching a the television before stepping out of the house.


A fight broke out between the couple when Thomas returned to their residence to continue viewing the game.

In a fit of rage during an argument, the murder suspect was reported to have stabbed his wife Carlisle with a knife. He claimed that he "blacked out" after committing the murder.

Anthony Counts, a Lonoke County Sheriff's detective wrote in an affidavit, "He claimed he'd blacked out and when he 'came to,' he was over her with a knife in his hands."


Fox also reported that Thomas, who is a serial offender having being convicted of felony on a number of occasions, was granted bail in the sum of $1 million.

He has been scheduled for a hearing expected to hold on Monday, January 22, 2018.

In a related news, Harriet Nambi, a 24-year-old woman in Uganda has reportedly stabbed her husband, Musa Batera, aged 25 to death, for denying her sex.

The murder suspect who is also a school teacher has been apprehended by the police according to Tuko News. It was reported that Nambi delivered a baby through caesarean section two months prior to the event.


Reports also revealed that the horny teacher had consulted a neighbour identified as Hasifa Babirye,  concerning her challenge.

The latter had advised her to be patient with her husband who has two other wives but her counseling failed to yield a positive outcome.

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