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Follower Of Christ: Father burns daughter’s assets for giving her life to Jesus

Burnt property.

Senator Binta Masi Garba's decision to follow Jesus Christ came at a huge consequence thanks to a disapproving dad.

At a thanksgiving service held in celebration of her 50th birthday, Senator Binta Masi Garba spoke of her encounter with father, who burnt her assets after giving her life to Jesus Christ.

Speaking in tears at the Chapel of Praise International Church, Yola, the woman who represents the Adamawa North Senatorial District, revealed that the challenge began for her when she was only a primary school pupil.


Despite a troubling teenage period, Garba still attributed her development to God.

“I gave my life to Christ when I was in primary school. My father was infuriated and he burnt everything I had because of my decision to follow Christ. 

I suffered so much because of the name of Jesus. I would have been nothing if not for His grace. The rejected child, because of my faith, has become a cornerstone. I give glory to His name," the senator revealed according to the Kemi Filani Blog.

Her experiences is a familiar occurrence in a Nigerian society which places importance on religion.

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Church members flog floor aggressively to fight spiritual enemy

A video has shown a group of church worshippers hitting the floor aggressively in response to a spiritual enemy.

The clip, shared via Instagram on Friday, April 6, 2018, showed the congregants beat a bare ground with whips firmly held in between their palms, while a female pastor who appeared to be leading a prayer gave them instructions.

A drone-like view revealed the group as they fiercely engaged in the act.

Their commitment to the instruction draws attention to a Nigerian society with a high dependence on 'orders' given to them by their religious leaders who are obviously not immune to sin.

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