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The Sexually Confident Woman | Ladies Don’t Be Shy and Don’t Hide!

Let’s talk about SEX, this is strictly for women 18 and above.
Ladies don’t be shy and don’t hide. We are powerful and we have INFLUENCE.

This conference is about education – teaching women all about sex and enabling women find the confidence to embrace their sexuality rather than shying away. We will have lessons on psychology of sex, attaining climax, fitness, nutrition, personal hygiene, affirmations and dance.
We would also have a consultant in obstetrics and gynecology to clarify medical issues relating to sex.

There will lots to eat and drink .
Date : Sun 27th of November 2016
Time: 2pm -6pm
Venue: renaissance hotel, by Ikeja City Mall, Awolowo road, alausa.
Fee :20,000
Special 50% discount for those that register using code: jagudaScw


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