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Spotify: Music app now shows real-time data on streams, audience


The convenience of mobile combined with the power of data is what the music streaming giants Spotify are selling to the artists.

Spotify is now showing and real-time streaming data alongside user demographics on its newly released app.

As it is widely known by now, data is a key need among music streaming heads, as artists would generate a lot of value knowing how their music is discovered, who is listening, where it is played from and how many have streams plays they are getting amongst other metrics.


Thankfully, Spotify has listened and developed a mobile app for artists who are the real guys that need this. And also mobile was put in mind because artists typically do not have desk jobs hence why it’s not a desktop product explains Spotify product manager Miles Lennon.

The first thing we’re trying to achieve is meeting the artists’ needs to have mobility,” he says. “They don’t have desk jobs. While we have a desktop product, it’s not accessible to them.


As an artist drops new music, the app begins to update as the track gets streamed. This will continue for the first week after a new  single, EP or album drops, says Spotify.

The one week time frame was chosen because it’s the most critical period to track with hopes to expand it in the future.


Explaining further how this app would benefit artists, Spotify says if a new song is released and doesn’t get as much engagement as the artist expects, he can then take some action such as getting a fellow artist to feature his songs on their own profile, or getting their songs on the right playlists.

The listener demographics feature which includes stuff like gender, age, location would help artists in their marketing campaigns across platforms like Facebook

The app currently on iOS will be made available to Android users in coming weeks.

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