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Soyinka: 5 ways Nobel Laureate tackled Buhari

5 ways Soyinka tackled Buhari over herdsmen

5 ways Soyinka took on Buhari over killer herdsmen.

Nobel Laureate Prof Wole Soyinka minced no words when he took on President Muhammadu Buhari this week.

Here are five things Soyinka said about Buhari's handling of his job:

1. Buhari is under a trance, according to Soyinka

The Merriam-Webstar dictionary defines a trance as (a) “a state that is like being asleep except that you can move and respond to questions and commands like a person who is awake.

(b) “A state in which you are not aware of what is happening around you because you are thinking of something else”.


Well, that’s where Soyinka says Buhari is at the moment.

If he meets Buhari today, Soyinka says he’ll tell him that “Mr President, I think you’re under a trance”.

2. Why did Soyinka say Buhari is under a trance?

“Too many things are happening now which made me say that.

“So many unforced errors are going on. I mean, take for instance the reinstatement of this fellow who was sacked from the ministry of health. What’s that about? Why? That’s what I mean by unforced error. What’s going on?”, Soyinka asks in disbelief.

3. Soyinka thinks Buhari has been shielded from happenings around him

“It’s a certain kind of alienation from reality”, Soyinka says of the president’s litany of “unforced errors”.


4. Soyinka says Nigerians must now begin to defend themselves against marauding herdsmen

“I wish to commend the various States and organisations who are now beginning to understand that they must start policing themselves”, Soyinka says.

The Prof calls for “organised resistance against the incursion of cows”.

5. Disarming herdsmen

Soyinka says if after citizens have reported herdsmen to the police and police do not disarm them, then “citizens will move and disarm them”.

He calls his recipe “civic defence”.

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