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Snapchat: Users of mobile app will now be able to do something they couldn’t do before

New feature for Snapchat users is in the works

If you use Snapchat, your life is about to be significantly altered.

Snapchat is working on a new feature that will make it possible for users to share their stories outside of the mobile app.

This new feature is called “Stories Everywhere”.

The feature means Snapchat's premium video and Associateial content can be embedded on news sites and other online platforms.

Snap hopes its new feature will put it in a position to compete favorably with Facebook and Instagram.

Snapchat’s new feature mirrors Twitter’s, which in 2011 began letting users embed tweets on other platforms.

That also means that Snapchat gossip is about to go mainstream, yeah?

Bottom-line writes that:“the strategy comes at the end of a bad year for Snap, which saw third quarter revenue fall after its March initial public offering failed to excite investors, many of which struggled to understand how the app works.

“In response, the company earlier this month released a redesigned Snapchat app that aims to offer a more personalized user experience that's easier to navigate, especially for new users, with brand and friends' content kept separate”.

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