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Pavian Cakes Sets to Celebrate Kwame and Nigezie TV at 10!


Pavian Cakes has joined in the celebration of  Nigezie TV at 10 and the founder, Femi Aderibigbe aka Kwmae!

The brand will be live at the interactive media dinner this Sunday, October 30th for celebration of Nigeria’s premiere 24 hour music channel, Nigezie!

The event also creates an enabling environment for communication and marketing professionals to interact with leading media organizations on how their respective companies work.

Pavian Cakes said come let’s celebrate Nigezie TV at 10!


There is a passion behind cakes, Pavian Cakes understand this passion and knows the interpretation.

The brand passion:  The passion that turned into creativity led to the desire to make the dreams of celebrants come alive by baking their dream cake just exactly as they have dream and imagined it.

Order Pavian Cakes today at . WhatsApp number: 08033454303

Head Office
18 Baale street, Igbo-efon, Lekki, Lagos
Tel: 08129450174, 09055784739


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