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Oprah Winfrey: 11 favorite tech gadgets of famous talk show host in 2017

11 tech gadgets from Oprah's favorite things list

This list shows just how much of a human Oprah is, who just wants to make her life easier with technology.

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey is not sleeping on technology.

She obviously is in tune with her music, her personal hygiene, and the little things that could drive one crazy, like misplacing your phone or wallet, and we're not referring to your phone getting stolen. There's technology to cater for that.

Technology has taken note of some of these things, and brought out relevant products to help out.

Here are 11 favorite tech gadgets items of Oprah all listed on Amazon in 2017. 

Samsung 55-Inch 4K  Frame TV ($2176)


– A richer viewing experience assured with this. The little details matter to your favorite TV talk show host.

Beats X Wireless In-Ear headphones ($109)


– Oprah likes her music on the go.

Amazon Echo Show ($230)


– Take advantage of Alexa in video format. Watch and Learn music lyrics on the go, monitor your baby’s room with compatible cameras from Amazon and so much more.

Automatic Healthy Frozen Dessert maker ($50)


– It does exactly what the name implies. How cool is that. Oprah ‘doesn’t joke with her desserts.

Portable Earbud case ($10)


– Earbuds can easily get misplaced or mishandled, hence a casing is quite handy.

Snoring Reduction Aid ($299)


– Get rid of that bad snoring habit with this solution

My audio pet Portable Bluetooth speaker ($30)

– Use this individually or pair with another My audio pet Bluetooth speaker for maximum rockability.

Portable Cold Brew Coffee maker ($55)


– This cool equipment promises you coffee that stays fresh and cold for up to 24 hours.

Orbit-card-card size Bluetooth wallet tracker ($40)


–  This is really a lifesaver. It works with your smartphone. By just slipping the orbit card into wallet, you can find your wallet using a smartphone.
If you misplaced your phone, press a button on the orbit card, if the phone is within range, it will play a loud tune even if the phone was on silent.

Portable charger case ($16)


– This will not only help power up all your tech accessories, but store and organise them all in one place on the go.

Go-Bone app-enabled interactive Smart Bone for Dogs and puppies ($199)


– An automatic all-day exercise and play item to keep your dog entertained.

Rechargeable Toothbrush ($191)


– Oprah lets technology do more of the 'dirty job' to get her dentals all fresh and healthy.

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