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Ogechi Ololo: Appointment of commissioner suggests favouritism in Imo State Government

Imo commissioner for happiness denies posts on Twitter

Governor Rochas Okorocha has been accused of appointing a number of his family members to assume positions in government.

Ogechi Ololo's appointment as the Imo State Commissioner for Happiness & Couples' Fulfillment by Governor Rochas Okorocha suggests favoritism in government.

It is a pointer to the fact that individuals occupying positions of authority favour relationships over competence when it concerns appointing personnel for specific roles. Governor Okorocha in particular has a reputation for inviting members of his family to assume roles in his administration.


An Owerri-based blogger, Cyril Njoku, who attended the investiture ceremony of new Imo State servicemen agreed with this assertion in a chat with the Premium Times News.

“His Son-in-law, Uche Nwosu, is the Chief of Staff. His wife, Nkechi Rochas Okorocha, is the Chairman of Imo Amnesty Committee with a huge budget.

“His father-in-law and the current Minister of State for Education, Anthony Anwuka, was the former Secretary to Imo State Government,” he said.

Modernisation in Nigeria, often regarded as the Giant of Africa, has reached the corridors of technology and social awareness but not in the government, which is characterized by policies considered backward and a slow reaction to pressing issues.

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Imo indigenes and Nigerians in general consider the building of a statue of South Africa's president, Jacob Zuma, in the state an example of initiatives that have failed to reflect the purpose of having a representative in government.

One will expect the focus of the elected to be a desire to serve the electorates by making decisions expected to bring them nice privileges as opposed to wasting their resources.

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