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Mozilla: Company introduces Firefox Quantum browser, to ‘bury’ Chrome

Firefox Quantum (Beta) vs Chrome

In a test conducted, Firefox Quantum loaded a number of top websites before Chrome did, including Google Search itself.

Mozilla has released Firefox Quantum, its latest browser iteration.

Asides taking on fake news, the company had been extensively researching on how it can finally overtake Google's Chrome as the number one browser choice.

According to claims, the browser uses around 30% less memory than its competitors Chrome, Edge, and Safari on Windows operating systems, and only uses a tiny bit more than Chrome on macOS.

This means you can run 30% more tabs without your browser crashing or slowing to a crawl.

However, where the company hopes its browser will stand out the most is in the interface. The company extensively researched the way users navigate browsers.


For instance, Mozilla  has observed that users are more impatient with the content of a page loading than with a graphic image or side bar loading, and have thus optimized the Firefox quantum browser in that respect.

All what the good guys at Mozilla are asking is you give it a test run. Although let's not be quick to forget that the load times and overall user experience of any browser depends largely on the network coverage and speed of your internet service provider.

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