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Menta Music Endorses Ozzy Bosco For Winning NMVA 2016 Award

Ozzy B is one of Menta Music’s youngest client, he is an amazing kid and loves to sing, he recently added to his wall of fame “Best Video by A Minor” Award for “Smile Again” at the NMVA 2016 (Nigeria Music Video Award).

Watch Here: Smile Again –

Ozzy Bosco’s partnership with Menta Music has been highlighted as a key factor. It caps off a remarkable year for the young talent whose stock continues to rise with each passing day.

Ozzy Bosco’s YouTube channel is where people can watch official videos, listen to new songs and keep up with exciting journeys with Ozzy Bosco.

Menta Music focuses on promoting African content & music, generating significant revenues by managing and monetizing their content on YouTube. Menta Music represents well-known content brands and creators ranging from Musicians, Comedians, Movie Makers, TV Channels and DIY content owners focusing on the African market including Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Senegal, Cameroon, Liberia, Guinee, Ethiopia and Gambia.

‘’We are delighted to endorse Ozzy B. Our focus is to increase content owners revenues on YouTube from music and videos worldwide by offering a 360 managed solution including: uploading contents, managing and designing official YouTube channel and promoting our partners content in online marketing campaigns‘’ – Yonny Friedman (Menta Music Co-Founder)

Watch Ozzy Bosco

Facebook: @Ozzybosco
Twitter: @ozzybosco

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