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MAY DAY: Facebook and Instagram are now back up after going down shortly

Facebook Chief Editor Mark Zuckerberg dismissed worries about Facebook users existing in "bubbles" where they only see news or perspectives echoing their viewpoints

What shall we do with our lives if Mark decides to close shop and close the book.

Facebook is down and unaccessible to thousands of users across different continents.


Ladies and gentlemen. This is not a drill. Facebook is down. I repeat, Facebook is down.

The social network currently incaccessible to thousands of users across Europe, and as we can now confirm, for many users in Nigeria.

So far, Facebook appears to be down on all web browsers we've tested. What appears when you try to load Facebook is a blank white screen, with no error messages.

Facebook Live appears to have been down for longer, as we tried going live less than hour ago, and it failed to respond.

On mobile however, it appears to be working with some users when we tested for new updates.

What will we do with our lives now?

First, we will go to Twitter and every other social network and have our meltdowns. Cry about how the world is coming to an end, because the most populous nation in the world just disappeared off the face of the Internet.

UPDATE: Oh wait, hold on. We have new information.

At exactly 5.26pm, Nigerian time, we can now confirm that Facebook is back up. I just tried loading my Facebook page and the first thing I see is that my old schoolmate is getting married.

Happy Married Life Livian.

Now, let us go back to stalking our old schoolmates and how well they're doing with their lives.

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