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How To Suspend Your DSTV Subscription While Away From Home

In compliance with their agreement with Consumer Protection Council (CPC), MultiChoice Nigeria has announced that Nigerian users of their Digital Satellite television (DStv) can now suspend their subscription while they’re away from home to avoid “wasting” it.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the company said they are working earnestly with the CPC to provide the best entertainment experience for their customers and the subscription suspension plan was part of their initiatives to increase customer satisfaction.

“We put our customers first at all times and hold them in high very esteem. We are committed to delivering world-class service to our customers and proud to say we are the first video entertainment company to implement new subscriber initiatives requested by the Consumer Protection Council (CPC). Over the past year, we have worked closely with the CPC to identify our customers’ areas of need and made a commitment towards implementing solutions that will resonate with our customers and lead to improved service.”

The statement said the suspension will be upon request and a 48-hour notice that the account be suspended for a fixed period between seven to 14 days twice yearly.

MultiChoice has also increased the number of hours the customer call centres will attend to customers on weekends and have introduced toll free calling options for various network providers.


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