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Facebook: Social network wants to spice up your Friday and Saturday nights with this app

Facebook Local launches to give you ideas of places to explore

The app which has been around for a while has been re-branded, with the hopes to give the user a whole new experience.

Facebook has just re-launched its Events standalone app to now go by name 'Facebook Local'.

The app will be borrowing a leaf from old experienced players Yelp, a mobile app that provides crowd-sourced reviews of local businesses, trains businesses on how to respond to reviews and more.

Last year 2016, Facebook launched Events, a standalone app that was meant to help users find places to go.

But it failed to fly and impress its target audience. The social network giants are now borrowing a leaf from Yelp as they relaunch the app to the name ‘Facebook Local’.


Yelp does not have a market for Nigeria. Sites like,, Foursquare,, and TripAdvisor all offer varying forms of user-generated review cutting across different business sectors.

So it would be interesting to see how Facebook Local plays into the Nigerian market, and if were to take a guess, we would say the network giants must be depending on their wide and extensive user base to attract users, and draw in users of Yelp, their major competitor.

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