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El-Rufai: Governor urges Christians to pray for peace in Nigeria

Gov Nasir El-Rufai asks Christians to pray for Nigeria

This is coming as Christians mark the beginning of the Lenten period, which will usher in the celebration of Easter.

The Kaduna state Governor, Nasir El-Rufai has called on Christians to pray for peace and stability in Nigeria.

This is coming as Christians mark the beginning of the Lenten period, which will usher in the celebration of Easter.

Lent is a solemn religious practice in the Christian calendar that begins on Ash Wednesday.

According to Daily Post, the Kaduna state Governor said that a lot can be achieved in Nigeria if there is peace.

El-Rufai also said “On behalf of the good people of Kaduna State, I salute our Christian community as the holy season of Lent begins today, this Ash Wednesday.

“I wish all the Christians in this State a peaceful and fruitful spiritual exercise in preparation for the grand celebration of Easter and its lesson of sacrifice, hope and renewal.

“As Christians fast during Lent, I am aware that there is also a focus on reading the Bible, saying regular prayers and doing works of charity. It is my request that you pray earnestly for Kaduna State to continue to enjoy peace and peaceful coexistence among its citizens, and also support the poor as all the great religions teach.

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"With peace, every part of Kaduna would experience development and jobs as people feel sufficiently confident to explore their talents and work hard to make the most of opportunities.

“Let us also pray for peace in our country Nigeria, its unity and its stability. It is my prayer that this holy season will bring peace to us all and that Easter would be a joyous celebrations.”

What is Lent?

The word, 'Lent,' is derived from an Anglo Saxon word ‘lencten,’ meaning “spring.”

It is basically about honoring the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ for forty days. This time line is modelled after His forty day fast in the desert.

Catholics and Ash Wednesday

Catholics see Ash Wednesday as a compulsory ritual as it also initiates the beginning of a 40-day period of fasting, penance, and reflection known as Lent.

This could be why this is one of the few sacramentals that the Catholic Church does not exclude anyone from receiving.

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