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Daddy Freeze Writes Pastor Adeboye Over RCCG Pastor Who Burnt Maid’s Buttocks

Daddy Freeze is already known for his outspoken nature, especially when it comes to churches and their pastors.

Many may not like the way he deals with these things, but the radio presenter seems to be passionate about his battle with “yahoo boys in suit” as he often calls them.

Notified by a friend about a Redeemed Christian of God pastor, Clifford Ojugo, who was reported to have burnt his maid’s buttocks, Freeze decided to write an open letter to the GO of the church.

Read his letter below:

Dear pastor Adeboye, I have a few questions for you and the Redeemed church of God, concerning an incident involving a certain pastor Clifford Ojugo of the Redeemed Church, who allegedly burnt the buttocks of an orphan.
1. Is this man truly a pastor with the RCCG?
2. If the answer is yes, how did this man become a pastor?
3. What are you doing to ensure that this act which has cast a huge shadow of doubt on your church, especially with regards to how pastors emerge does not go unpunished?
4. What steps are the RCCG taking to ensure the rehabilitation, welfare and protection of this child going forward?

In my humble opinion, there are way too many RCCG branches and too many ‘men of God’. Is there any way these numbers can be cut down to enable you have more control over what these men of God are doing with the ‘brand’? Because in the 1990’s a redeemed church was opened under my father’s hospital in Aremo, Ibadan and it had to be closed down after my father instigated a lawsuit against them, citing the way the noise pollution generated by the church, was adversely affecting the health and peace of mind of the patients on admission, especially those who were admitted for hypertension, who suffered tremendously from the noise resulting from the drumming, singing and mega phone announcement during, service, revivals and night vigils.
Thank you sir ~FRZ

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