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Arrested Top Blogger Confesses to Blackmail and other Crimes

Babatunde Oyebode has allegedly opened up to scamming and blackmailing Nigerians via his blog, LIB reports.

The 23-year old was arrested on Monday by the Special Fraud Unit (SFU) for putting up scandalous stories up on his site and then send threat messages asking for huge sums of money to take the posts down.

Just last week, Oyebode who claims to have built the site for an anonymous owner, put up a damaging story about Femi Otedola, his wife Nana and their son, and extorted thousands of dollars from them to take down the comments, and more thousands to take down the post.

LIB exclusively reports that, the blogger popularly known as Baudex on social media, confessed in a video to the Police stated that he co-owns the website and runs it with a lady, believed to be based outside Nigeria. His girlfriend is also reportedly in on the scam.

He was arrested on his third attempt to extort money from a Lagos businessman. According to the report, Oyebode was trying to pick up the money paid into his Nigerian bank account. He had previously received payments running into thousands of dollars from the said man but was not quite done and continued to demand more, resorting to threatening the victim that he would put up more scandalous stories on his blog if he didn’t cough out cash.

Email correspondence between him and his accomplice revealed that he was mainly responsible for upgrades on the site, to prevent it from being shut down by hackers. They conversed with one another about extorting their victims, which revealed that they mostly received payment via Paypal.

The mails also showed that Oyebode’s girlfriend appears to be part of the whole arrangement and has been in touch with the other culprits via his Instagram account since his arrest on Monday.

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