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If we are asked to name the top 20 Nollywood actors, it is almost a certainty that the name Ayo Makun will not pop up in our list.

Certainly not for a comedian who many of his critics think he is not exactly funny enough!
Well, whether AY Makun is funny or not, whether he is a great actor or not, it does not matter an inch to what he is proven to be great art – selling.

AY’s annual comedy show, AY LIVE, is always a sell-out. Given that they say he is not funny, I wonder how.

Now, with his venture into Nollywood, AY is already in the Guiness World Records after his maiden film, 30 Days in Atlanta churned in over N100m in box office sales.

The question is, what is AY doing right? Simple! The bros knows how to package his goods.

30 Days in Atlanta was based on a fictitious Nigerian character, Akpors, who almost every Nigerian has come to accept as an epitome of laughter. Not only was the movie well shot, it was strategically released close to the Christmas holiday period, which many argue is why it profited well in the cinemas.

Now here comes A Trip to Jamaica, and it is the hilarious Akpors again on another adventure.
But one thing was remarkable about the publicity of this new film, and it’s the football match comedian AY Makun hosted at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos between ex-Super Eagles and the Jamaican football team ahead of its cinema premiere.

We have seen Hollywood movie makers organize concerts and spectacular shows ahead of film premieres – and without any doubt, AY is towing this line, which is something great for the industry.
The novelty match between Nigerian All-stars and the Jamaican team is not just a sports affair, but confirms AY’s prowess as one of the marksmen of showbiz in Nigeria.

After a successful outing at the recently held Toronto International Film festival, Nollywood needs ventures like this to solidify its stakes in becoming the world’s leading film industry.
After all, we should all know by now that filmmaking is much more than a good story or good cinematography, if not Shawshank Redemption would have been a box-office hit.

Good publicity must always follow good films for it to be successful in the market, for it to be a classic in its own right. Novelty football matches, concerts and any other creative activity that will set alight the premiere of a new film is simply one part that the Nigerian film industry needs.

AY is bringing the total package, and whether this new film breaks the box office record he has already set, it won’t disapprove the fact that he is a great business man whose presence in Nollywood will in a few years become iconic…abi I should just use the word legendary.

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