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Meets Media Nigeria Poll: “The Wedding Party” threequel? Here’s what readers think

Do we need "The Wedding Party 3?

Nollywood's biggest hit commercially remains "The Wedding Party." So should we have a threequel? Here's what readers think.

What do Meets Media Nigeria readers think of "The Wedding Party" threequel?

Nollywood's biggest hit commercially remains "The Wedding Party," a prequel to the 2017 movie "The Wedding Party: Destination Dubai."

If you have already seen the sequel, then you already know that the movie sets itself up for a threequel with the new friendship between Sola and Yemisi.

Meets Media Movies asked our readers if there should be "The Wedding Party 3," and here's how they voted.

83.8% of Meets Media Movies readers are not interested in another sequel, while 16.2% think the friendship between Sola and Yemisi should be further explored.

Are the producers planning a threequel?

The producers are yet to confirm if a threequel is in the works, or not.

During the press screening, MO Abudu was asked about the possibility of a third part. She laughed it off and asked that fans focused on the just released sequel.

But from a business perspective, "The Wedding Party 3" is a necessity.


Commercial success of "The Weddding Party" franchise so far

The original film opened to 36 million naira in 2016 and went on to pull in a total of 450 million naira, which remains the largest gross ever by a Nollywood film.

According to the latest data released by the producers of "The Wedding Party 2," the film has grossed 312 million naira in just 18 days.



About The Wedding Party movies

"The Wedding party" follows the shenanigans that go on during the planning of a wedding in Nigeria, focusing on the relationship between Dunni and Dozie.

In “The Wedding Party: Destination Dubai,” Nonso (Enyinna Nwigwe), has continued his romance with Deirdre (Daniella Down), the bridesmaid from London.

Somehow, Nonso manages to propose by accident, while on a dinner date, and sets off a chain of events.

In 2017, MO Abudu, one of the executive producers of the show, explained why a sequel was made.

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