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MO Abudu: The Hollywood Reporter lists media mogul as one of the most powerful women in TV

Media mogul Mo Abudu

MO Abudu has been listed as one of the women rewriting rules of TV in an era when "women have to work twice as hard for the same recognition" as men.

MO Abudu, the founder and CEO of EbonyLife TV has been listed by The Hollywood Reporter as an influential woman in the media industry.

The media mogul was mentioned in the Magazine's annual list of the ‘25 Most Powerful Women in Global Television alongside Angelica Guerra (Latin America), Jane Tranter, Julie Gardner (United Kingdom) among others.

These women, according to the publication, are rewriting the rules of how TV is watched during a time where "women have to work twice as hard for the same recognition" as men.

The article describes Abudu as a woman who ‘has been at the forefront of media innovation on the continent’ and whose goal for the coming year is ‘to successfully produce Africa's first sci-fi TV series’.

Responding to the recognition, Abudu said: “It's an honour and privilege to be acknowledged again by The Hollywood Reporter. I am proud to represent Nigeria and the thousands of women in Africa, striving to make their mark in a male-dominated industry."


EbonyLife is popular for series and movies such as "The Governor," "Sons of the Caliphate," "Fifty The Series," "Life 101," "The Wedding Party 2," "The Royal Hotel Hibiscus" among others.

Before she became the CEO of EbonyLife, Abudu worked with Vic Lawrence & Associates Limited, a human resources development company which she founded in 2000.

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