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Big Brother Naija: Ifu responds to CDQ calling her a ‘one-night stand’

CDQ calls Ifuennada a 'one-night stand and bipolar bitch'

"CDQ is an asshole. Like, he didn't even see my vagina" – Ifu on rapper calling her a one-night stand.

Former Big Brother Naija housemate Ifu Ennada has responded to a recent attack on her by CDQ, who called her a 'one-night stand.'

"He called me a one night stand. CDQ is an asshole. Like, he didn't even see my vagina, so I don't understand how I'm a one night stand," she told Meets Media Nigeria during an interview.

CDQ had called Ifu a 'one-night stand' and 'bipolar' after watching her conversation on Big Brother Naija, during which she to ld fellow housemates that she used to clear her account to sponsor the rapper.


"When I said what I said on Big Brother, it wasn't from a malicious department. It was because the guys in the house were talking about how girls always depend on men and all that, and I was trying to make a point that 'see, even as far as when I was a teenager, I was in school but this is what I was doing.'

It's sad that he was the one I did it to. I knew him for over a year. It was off and on; there were times when he would go out of the picture and then we would meet again.


According to Ifu, she was really close friends with CDQ and felt that she was supporting him by giving him money and free tickets.

But at the point when I got into school – that was like my year one – we were actually close and it wasn't really a relationship, but he was my friend and I felt like I was supporting him with the VIP tickets that I would win sometimes from Cool FM and give to him.

Sometimes he would call me that he had a show to attend and he didn't have money. And I remember actually borrowing money from one of my course-mates just to help him out.

So it wasn't from a malicious place. It's really sad that he went out there to say I'm a one night stand. Ogun go visit you. "


An actress and singer, Ifu was evicted from the Big  Brother Naija house on Sunday, March 11, 2018.

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