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Apple: Video game on anti-drug war asked to be removed from company’s app store

The video game app shows Philippines president killing drug lords, a real-life representation that is being moved against.

Phillipines president, Rodrigo Duterte who has a video game app in the Apple store where he kills criminals like drug lords has been petitioned for removal.

131 organisations including drug rehab centers and human rights groups signed a petition letter to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

Some of the games which are also on the Google Play store are Duterte Fighting Crime 2, Duterte vs Zombies, Duterminator and Duterte Knows Kung Fu: Pinoy Crime Fighter.

In the letter, the petitioners argue that such games though may seem innocent are actually offensive in the real world.


The war on drugs by President Duterte, nicknamed ''The Punisher'' together with the extrajudicial killings perpetrated by the police is frowned at by these petitioners who believe it is still against human rights.

The organisations against the games say that they "valorise and normalise the emerging tyranny of Duterte's presidency and his government's disregard for human rights.

"These games may seem harmless and fun, but when placed within the context of existing realities…[they] become offensive."

Creator of these games Joseph Pascual, last year told DW that he created the game because he liked Duterte and found the president "entertaining."

His game, which is based on the president's anti-drug campaign, sees Duterte slinging guns and throwing grenades.

According to DW, the game has been downloaded 2 million times from both the Apple and Google Play stores. It also has a rating of 4.5 stars on the app stores, with mostly favourable reviews.

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