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Beauty Bit: 3 steps to contour & highlight for dark skin


Looking to contour, highlight in simple steps for everyday wear? Use these steps…

Contouring essentially casts 'shadow' giving the face a chiseled finish while highlight casts a flattering light.

It's important when contouring to ensure the face looks as natural as possible after the application especially the nose which is the perfect place to show off contour.

These easy steps presented via Byrdie is perfect for contouring for everyday wear.


Step 1: Highlight

For a perfect nose, highlight the center of your nose with a non shimmery highlighter or opt for a luminous concealer – especially in a shade lighter than your skintone.

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"Start at the bridge of your nose and apply a line of concealer down your nose, stopping before you reach the end. Next, add a little dot at the very tip (like you’re creating an exclamation point!) to give your nose a little upturn".

Step 2: Blend

"Use a sponge or your ring finger to soften the stripe. First, press the concealer into your skin, and then lightly rub the edges to buff out any harsh lines".

Step 3: Shade

"Using a small blending brush (like what you use in the crease of your eyelid -just be sure it’s clean), tap off any excess powder and then, starting from the inner corner of your eye, shade straight down to the end of your nose. Do the side of your nose. Blend both sides before you decide to add or remove any pigment".


Do one final blend with your brush, sponge, or finger to ensure your highlight and contour looks as natural as possible, and you’re done!

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