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Barbell Bench Press: Guys, this exercise will build your chest and muscle in no time

How to build your chest and muscle in no time

The barbell bench press is one exercise that you should engage yourself with if you want to build your chest and muscle.

It is a fine thing for a man to have a powerful-looking body.

And a body is not powerful enough without a chiseled chest and fine muscle. So the question is how possible is it for one to have to a well-chiseled chest and muscle?

Below is the best chest workout exercise to help get a powerful looking body. 

Barbell bench press

Being the standard of strength prowess, the barbell bench press is one exercise that you should engage yourself with if you want to build your chest and muscle.

As a matter of fact, if we could only choose three exercises in other to create a full body workout, the flat barbell bench press would have to be on the list.

And with a large number of variations, the barbell bench press can be used to structure the body, however you want it. A close grip flat barbell bench press is used to focus more on triceps, while a wide grip flat barbell bench press is a standard pec builder.

Additionally, the middle grip is used to combine the strength of the triceps, pecs, and shoulders for a maximal effort bench press.

How to set up a barbell bench press?

Get a flat standard Olympic bench with a standard 45 lb barbell; and with the soles of your feet touching the floor, lay down flat on the bench.

It is important to emphasize that the above instruction is very important because we want a solid base on which with the soles of our legs touching the ground, you can successfully drive the weight up.

In addition to the above instruction, your butt, your upper back, and your head should be touching the bench at all times. And it should be set up in such a way that when you unrack the bar, it will drop almost directly down to your chest.

You don't want to be doing a barbell pull-over once you unrack the bar from the bench, as this will not only create an unnecessary fatigue, it will also increase the possibility for a shoulder injury.


So, why not put a couple plates on that bar and start benching if you're really serious about having a well-built chest? Or hit the gym if you can.

How to barbell bench?

  1. With your elbows neither tucked in nor flared out, but at a 45-degree position away from your body, and locked in against your lats for stabilization at the bottom of the rep, unrack and lower the weight slowly so that the bar just lightly touches your nipple area.

  2. Do not bounce.

  3. Drive the bar through the mid-way point of the rep, which is usually a sticking point by using explosive chest strength.

  4. Once you are past the mid-way point you will increase your triceps activation to press and lock out the weight.

However, to lock out doesn't mean to lock the elbows out 100%; instead, they should be locked out about 95% so that the elbow is completely straight.

One of the best ways to maximize triceps activation is to focus on breaking the bar in half away from you.

Just try to think about holding a stick out straight in front of your body with palms down, and then break that stick away from you by snapping both forearms and wrists away from the midline of the body.

Clearly, the bar is not actually going to break, but you can use this concept for maximum triceps activation.

What are the variations of barbell bench?

The following are the variations of barbell bench press:

  1. Wide grip

  2. Medium grip

  3. Narrow grip

  4. Board press

  5. Floor press

  6. Pin press.

In addition to the barbell bench exercise is the incline press. The incline press is great as well. It is often used to target the upper pecs, which is vital for developing a full overall chest with deep cuts between the upper and lower muscles.

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