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Bad Breath: Smoking + these lifestyle habits make your mouth smell

Bad Breath

Bad breath is largely as a result of poor lifestyle habits! See why you should stop these seemingly 'normal' things…

Bad breath is largely as a result of poor lifestyle habits!

While there's no denying, it could also be as a result of strong smelling foods, dry mouth, gum diseases and even some medical condition the end reason the mouth reeks unpleasantly is largely due to a build up of bacteria on the back of the tongue and or between the teeth!

Bad breath also known as halitosis is embarrassing, its one situation that lowers one's self esteem. They are caused by lifestyle habits which could easily be checked or dealt with:

1. Smoking

Smokers are prone to getting bad breath as they tend to get lower saliva production, causing the mouth to smell unpleasant. Smoking simply increases the amount of odour producing compounds in the mouth and the lungs .


2. Drinking Soda/Too much sugar loaded diet

High sugar intake is a major cause of bad breath. Bacteria turn sweet foods into unpleasant smells. When the body breaks down carbohydrates, it turns it into breath that stinks/smells which comes out as bad breath.

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3. Alcohol intake

Taking alcoholic drinks often is a sure way to get breath to stink. High intake of alcohol dries out the mouth leaving it not hydrated enough eliminating saliva that keeps the mouth hydrated and smelling fresh.


4. A low carbohydrate diet

Studies reveal eating foods low in carbs cause unpleasant breath.

5. Not brushing the tongue

Skipping the tongue or not flossing everyday is one major cause of bad breath, keep dental hygiene top notch, brush and floss daily to get rid of food trapped in the corners of the mouth, when this isn't done, breath stinks.

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