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My Short Take on AY’s ‘A Trip To Jamaica’ By Yinka Ayinla

Written by Yinka Ayinla

The grand entry of AY and Funke Akindele came in style. Something you don’t get to see on a regular basis except in Hollywood premieres and awards. The white Lamboughiny (not sure of its model) caught the attention of everyone on the black carpet and it was a trance-like moment. It was breathtaking, I must confess. The carpet was well lit and filled with paparazzis and press crew taking photographs and interviewing the best of celebs in the entertainment industry. Lemme leave that one abeg, we all know say carpet na for interviews and showing off beautiful accessories. I must say everyone on that carpet came correct, even the ushers too.

Let me famz a bit; on entering the cinema hall, the iMax view takes your breath away. The panoramic screen is so large that it feels you’re watching a 3D movie. Make I stop that one there. My second famzing; I sat on the stairway because the hall was filled up totally and I was seated beside Funke Akindele and her Hubby JJC (amazing couple I must say, they couldn’t get their hands off each other). Behind me was Uti Nwanchukwu, Helen Paul and Ikpe Nse Etim, all on the stairway as well.

I will spare the time and won’t go on to dissect the role of each actor and the character they played. From AY who played Akpos to Funke Akindele who played Bola Bastard, Nse Ikpe-Etim who played Abigail, Danny Davis who played Micheal, Chris Attoh and Co all nailed their roles outstandingly and brought their A game into play. Believe it or not, Nollywood has grown beyond words but we still need that Nollywood village and not what they put in Tinapa.

What caught my fancy most was the directorial angle put in this work, it is totally and awesomely professional. From the camera movements and angles, the drone shots and to the role interpretation of the characters, not forgetting the dialogue sequence which added it’s own class to the work done by the helm man. Director, Roberts O. Peters, did a great job.
AY is known for his good scripting and his sense of humour when it comes to writing. The comedy feel got everyone laughing at intervals while still following the storyline of the movie. The dialogue in the movie is stupendously hilarious and rich, it keeps you glued because you wouldn’t want to miss the next line from AY or Funke.
AY threw subtle jabs at our own reggae/patois acts, that was a really good vibe. Aside the comedy story and feel to this film, there are many messages and lessons to be learnt. The movie touches various topics such as love, friendship, family life/values, money laundering and drugs. Abeg una no go vex, when the film don dey cinema, make you go watch am. This is my own take on the movie.

On a final note, I took a trip to Jamaica in this movie. AY always brings his A game to whatever he does and always sets a standard for others to follow. This was a premiere but way more than the usual movie premieres we attend. My time wasn’t wasted as I had a good laugh in the cinema plus the whole experience of it all and yes, the awesome celebrities that shared the stairway with me. My love to Nse Ikpe-Etim, Funke Akindele and her hubby. This movie is definitely going to be a box office hit and will gross high, just like ’30 days in Atlanta’. Great movie, a must watch.

Yeancarh Ayinla is a media personality, an unserious entertainment writer, Media/entertainment enthusiast, a brand and celebrity PR expert, convener of ‘Basketball Meets Music’ and many more!!!a trip to jamaica

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