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Meets Media Opinion: Do celebrities influence trending topics?


When topics trend on social media, we tend to see a lot of celebrities talk about it.

The use of social media to pass across messages and make it trend has been effective and celebrities most times play a key role in it.

Let's look at it from this angle, for instance, the moment the news broke about the huge slave trade market in Libya which till date still shocks everyone, the outrage on social media and all over was massive. Everyone was talking about it, the message was clear that it was inhumane to carry out such acts even in modern times

Now it didn't take long before a lot of celebrities started talking about, some were either tweeting about it or posting pictures on their Instagram pages.

The moment the celebrities got involved it became a big deal because they actually made a big deal out of it. When veteran rapper, eLDee went on a couple of rants about the issue on Twitter, he sure did get a lot of people reading and listening.

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Same goes for the most recent trending topic the #ENDSARS protest against a unit of the Nigeria Police Force which has gathered so much buzz and outrage too. Even though the topic was already trending, celebrities saw it as an opportunity to speak out about it. It sometimes feels like these guys just join in on the trends just to make it look like they actually care or this insinuation might be wrong.


With or without the tweets and Instagram post of celebrities, these topics will trend and even cause a major uproar as seen in the case of the #ENDSARS protest which even gotten the Inspector General of Police making plans for reforms in the police. The truth still remains, celebrities because of their status and possibly massive followers on social media will always make a trending topic trend more.

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