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Psquare: Remember when the pop group showed off their exotic cars on CNN in 2009?

Psquare in 2010 in the music video 'E No Easy'

Psquare were ballers at a time when most Nigeria singers were not getting paid a whole lot.

In 2009, the group Psquare were making hit records, selling out shows and riding around in big cars.

Today, many Nigerian singers ride around in exotic cars but in 2009 only a few of them could boast of this. Psquare topped the list with the likes of 2face Idibia and D'banj, of artists with expensive cars.

Nine years ago, Psquare had some sleek cars among the fleet of cars in their garage. Among their exotic cars were the popular Hummer jeep which was a real big deal for artist at that time. They also had in their garage a Ford Edge and a Land Cruiser jeep.

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It just didn't end there, they had two other exotic jeeps which at that time cost a fortune. Back in 2009, the Psquare frenzy was so high that even CNN visited the duo who showed off their cars and jewelry.


With the style of life Psquare created for themselves, they not only became an idol to a lot of people but also made way for the flamboyant lifestyle a lot of celebrities began to live. It was more like Psquare set the pace at which Nigerian celebrities began to leave affluent lifestyles.

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