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Photo Of The Day: Mummy duties as Yvonne Nelson breastfeed baby

Yvonne Nelson breast feeding her baby

Yvonne Nelson is obviously too excited about her daughter and even lets her fans in as she breast feeds her.

We don't get to see this kind of photo everyday as not many female celebrities would like to show themselves as they breastfeed their babies.

Well, on our photo of the day, Yvonne Nelson is damning the trolling circumstances and showing her motherly skills as she breast feeds her beautiful daughter and posted it on Instagram!

See guys, this is one photo that would trend for a long time as no one saw this coming and it is a rare feat.  We all know Yvonne Nelson is one celebrity who doesn't really care about the opinions of critics and so this isn't really shocking coming from her.

Yvonne Nelson surprised everyone when the news broke of the birth of her child. Then came the news about the identity of the father of the child which was later identified as Jamie, a British born photographer.

After the identity of Yvonne's baby daddy was revealed, then came the rumours of him being married to another Nigerian woman, a claim he later denied. Just after the rumours of Yvonne Nelson's baby daddy being married was subsiding, the couple were spotted together having a nice time.

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