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Photo Of The Day: Juliet Ibrahim is the gorgeous lady in red!

Juliet Ibrahim glows in red

On our photo of the day, Juliet Ibrahim is a total flawless beauty.

This is one lady that can't go unnoticed as her beauty really draws a lot of attention, Juliet Ibrahim is that sassy chic.

On our photo of the day, the very beautiful and delectable Juliet Ibrahim captures our heart with this lovely and classy look. The Ghanaian actress was a guest at an awards show and yes she didn't come out to play.

Even though she isn't Nigerian when we talk about the celebrities in this country who over the years have become not just famous for their careers but their fashion style, Juliet Ibrahim is one person we can't forget to mention.

2017 was a very romantic year for Juliet Ibrahim as her relationship with rapper, Iceberg Slim was made public. They didn't just make it public but were a toast to all blogs and soft sell magazines. From getting matching tattoos to attending events together and even sharing a kiss at Meets Media studio, these guys sure can make love look like a really beautiful thing.

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