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Sex Dolls: Why Nigerian women hate these robots and men are talking about them

The sex doll Sabrina has incited outrage on social media

There's a common trope that Nigerian men only care about sex and this appears to validate that point.

So maybe she's not harmless. But since she was unveiled, a new generation sex doll, termed "Shakira" sold by an online vendor, @sexyrealdolls has gathered so much shade and hate from Nigerian Twitter that she must be wondering what She ever did to anybody.

Let us give credit where it is due.

The conversation about sex dolls started when photos of this new, sex doll named Shakira that finally made a splash on social media over the weekend and most notably, early Monday morning.

Photos of her first in suggestive poses have been circulated since then.

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The doll is visibly voluptuous with accentuated body parts and a deliberate alluring appearance.


Naturally, men have begun to whet their appetites. On Twitter, users have explored the full range of what the malleable doll can do.

The spate of insensitive jokes has also been endless.

This is not particularly suprising.

Are we surprised that men like sex?

Even though one can make the case that the doll is made of rubber, the design is made to arouse the basic instinct in most men.

There's a reason why since they became a thing, sex dolls have grown into a major market in their own right.

Men are inclined to talk about these sex dolls because, frankly, they will talk about anything that is even closely related to sex.

In a way, Nigerian Twitter has been waiting for this day.

Recently, social media has always been an agora for confrontations over what men and women can and should not do in relationships.

It has spurred numerous narratives and questions such as whether good sex is enough to sustain a relationship or whether a woman who doesn’t know how to cook fried rice on a Sunday afternoon is a true Nigerian woman (whatever that means).

Most of these conversations have put men and women on either side of the fence as to what it takes to satisfy a Nigerian man and maintain a relationship.

The sex doll presents a unique twist; an object whose only purpose is sex.

Is sex all that matters?

Understandably, the humour in the situation is completely lost on most female commentators on social media.

Since the photos of the doll came out, the reactions have been a mixture of outrage, disgust and downright ‘What is wrong with you people’?

And while it’s easy to see how a well-crafted doll that’s capable of having sex might raise a few issues, there really shouldn’t be any comparisons between the doll and actual women.

When the average Nigerian man talks about what is required of women in relationships, a lot of emphasis is placed on sex, as well as other issues like managing the home, cooking, financial prudence, respect and others.

However, there is a common trope that Nigerian men are insatiable and that their appetite for sex is what truly matters to them.


While there is nothing to grant this any credence, the narrative usually rears its ugly head when a couple breaks up over the man's infidelity or two people in relationships are caught cheating.

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With a sex doll (valued at  around 2,000 dollars in case you were wondering) now in the picture and Nigerian men tweeting in happiness like lottery winners, it makes it seem like sex is all the men really care about.

In a way, the love that Shakira has gotten may seem like another point scored against Nigerian men.

In reality, it exposes the fickle nature of the relationships between young men and woman and the lack of understanding and context that shows so evidently today.

We need to do better, people

It is why it is worrying that some of the tweets come off as extremely insecure. Some of the tweets imply that there is something wrong with any man who feels comfortable having intercourse with a ‘rubber doll’.

Well, hello, women have been using dildos for ages and nobody died.

Some users have also asked if the sex doll will be capable of cooking fried rice or doing some of the household chores that were issues of contention on previous Twitter conversations.

At this stage, the whole thing seems like a series of questions about whether Nigerian men actually see these sex dolls as alternatives.

The thing is, it’s not that serious.

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Except for changes in mood and face, sex dolls are only useful for one thing sex.

They can’t sweet-talk you out of your woes, they can’t solve your pressing issues with you. If you leave them uncharged for too long, they’re dead.

A sex doll cannot replace a woman, even at sex.


You’d think we would have figured these things out by now. But as it stands, the conversation is still ongoing, twitter users are throwing fried rice jokes and sex doll memes at each other on either side of the #MenAreScum fence.

We’re yet to see anyone’s personal first-hand review of the sex dolls. But if there’s one thing, it is clear that these conversations are not an indication of what Nigerian couples are discussing in real life.

Because if it is, then we may all just need to get sex dolls.

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