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NASA ‘is firing rockets at death planet Nibiru to stop the end of the world’

Almost certainly not, but that hasn’t stopped UFO fans getting their knickers in a twist.

The Koz Telegram claims that NASA may have secretly unleashed a barrage of rockets to change the trajectory of Nibiru as it came towards our planet last week.

(Nibiru, in case you’re not familiar, is a fictional death planet which supposedly lurks at the edge of our solar system, and with which UFO fans are obsessed).

Quoting an unnamed Russian ufologist, the Koz Telegram says, ‘Nibiru threatened the Earth with destruction’ but NASA may have ‘changed its trajectory’.

Quite how it’s possible to ‘secretly’ launch things into space in an era where 10-year-olds carry phones with HD video recording is open to question.

There may also be an element of backpedalling here, as the ‘Koz Telegram’ predicted that Nibiru would destroy Earth on August 16.

The new story claims that the threat may still be imminent – but NASA fended it off with secret rockets last week.


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