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Ifeoma Chukwuogo calls out actor for not honouring deal

2 days before agreed shoot day, the veteran actor called the "Bariga Sugar" director, saying he was in Brazil with the Ooni of Ife and couldn't make it.

A Nigerian filmmaker, Ifeoma Chukwuogo, who is popular for the critically acclaimed short film, "Bariga Sugar," has called out a popular actor for collecting 50% of his fee and failing to show up on set.

Refusing to reveal the actor's name, Chukwuogo said the actor had called her two days before his shoot day to say he was in Brazil with the Ooni of Ife and wouldn't be available.

At the time of his call, the location and his wardrobe – a total of five costumes – were already paid for and sorted out. The undisclosed actor allegedly ended the call, saying he was busy with the Ooni and would call back later.

After Chukwuogo didn't hear from him, she eventually had to find a replacement, which cost her extra money.

The filmmaker also said that it has been two month, and she is yet to get a refund from the popular actor.




While the identity of the actor is unknown, the Ooni of Ife's last visit to Brazil was in June

In June, the Ooni of Ile Ife and popular Nollywood actor, Saidi Balogun, paid a visit to Brazil.

The visit was, according to Balogun during an interview with Potpourri in July, aimed at looking for ways to beautify the Yoruba culture.

He also said that during their visit, they discussed a future partnership with the Brazilian government in shooting a movie that will promote the Yoruba culture.

“I travelled with the Ooni to Brazil to do some cultural things for African people over there, especially the Yorubas. It’s like our father going there to unite them and bring them back to the roots,"
he told Potpourri.

"We have about 400 deities in Yoruba land and 200 in Ife. In Brazil they worship Sango and some other gods; they even sing Yoruba songs. They sang the songs for us when we got there."

The actor who was recently received an AMVCA nomination for his role in "Banana Island Ghost," said he was the first actor and movie producer to travel out with the Ooni.

“The Ooni took me there so we could look for ways to beautify our culture; so that both countries can work together. Movie makers there appreciate our culture. I was surprised to see how they love and embrace our culture. So we are trying to work together with the government to produce a movie in that regard”, he said.

Chukwuogo has refused to reveal the actor's name for legal reasons

After sharing her story, quite a number of people encouraged the director to reveal the name of  the veteran actor. But Chukwuogo didn't.

According to her, it's for legal reasons.

Chukwuogo's recent TV series, "Underbelly"

In June, Chukwuogo completed shoot of her crime drama TV series, "Underbelly." The upcoming series stars popular Yoruba actor, Yomi Sodimu, Omozele Gabriel, Ijeoma Agu, Tope Tedela, Kunle Coker, Chioma Nwosu, Efa Iwara, Chinaza Ruby Akubueze among others.

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