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Menta Music congratulates and endorses Mark Angel Comedy for breaking YouTube record to be the first ever YouTube channel in Nigeria to surpass a million subscribers’ milestone. Mark Angel Comedy has worked very hard and closely with Menta Music which manage and monetize his YouTube channel since early stage.

Mark Angel Comedy has meteorically risen to be the most viewed comedy channel in Nigeria and favorite channel for many who have countless episodes of the comedy on the phones and electronic devices, Mark Angel Comedy has broken this record leaving other YouTube channels behind. The Mark Angel Comedy which features various acts including the young but highly comic character Emanuella has over one hundred episodes in its bags with even more scintillating projects in the pipeline,

Watch Mark Angel and his cast saying THANK YOU:

Menta Music is open and glad to collaborate with other dedicated and hardworking content creators who would like to be as big as Mark Angel Comedy.

Facebook: markangelcomedy
Instagram: @markangelcomedy
Twitter: @MarkAngelComedy

For more information;
Facebook: MentaMusic
Twitter: @Menta_Music

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