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When Your Bridesmaid Knows ‘Wassup’

Choosing a bridesmaid is not like pouring stew on top rice or turning ‘eba’ in the kitchen.

A bridesmaid means more than just a fine girl carrying fan behind the bride or using white handkerChief Editor top mop up sweat.

No! A bridesmaid is not necessarily a girl’s best friend, but on that D-day, she must be best friend, sister, mother, and every good company a girl deserves on her wedding day.

So when you have bridesmaids who know the ‘koko’, then your wedding is 80% done, because many of them come as make up artists, wedding planners, husband-searchers (so they will slay), fashion designers, and even professional dancers! And don’t a wedding need all of these to be set?

Don’t wonder too much where the inspiration for this article came from. One viral video was enough to do the magic.

A bridesmaid took a wedding reception to a whole new level when her dancing skills lit up a wedding reception just before the bride and the groom stepped in.

“The bridesmaid was READY!” was the caption of the @bellanaijaweddings Instagram post and it is well deserving if we must say.

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