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Yahoo Yahoo: 5 celebrities who reacted to Noble Igwe’s tweet

Noblel Igwe

These are five celebrities who reacted to Noble Igwe's now famous tweet on Internet fraudsters.

Last week, we saw Noble Igwe's now famous tweet break the internet with divergent views over Internet fraudsters popularly known as "G-boys " or "Yahoo-Yahoo."

It didn't go done well with a lot because some felt it was as a result of his tweet that the EFCC cracked down a popular nightclub in Lagos. Some call him a snitch, others supported his claims, however, a number of celebrities reacted to his tweet.

1. Eldee


As usual, we got to see the intelligence ooze out from Eldee's response to the controversial tweets attributed to Noble Igwe. The rap veteran took to his Twitter handle where he wrote a long thread on how the desire to be wealthy had led a lot of Nigerians to get involved in the get rich quick schemes.


"Today, we have a society that doesn’t respect honest work. A society that insists on the display of wealth for social status. A society that has raised the bar so high for everyone that even the rich have to lie about their true financial capacity," he tweeted.

He went on to say he feels he contributed to the desire of young Nigerians wanting to get rich quick unwittingly via his famous song "Big Boy.''


"I made the song “big boy” and unwittingly contributed to the decay…I know better today," he concluded.

2. Kemi Adetiba


For the super talented video director, she was of the opinion that people who feel guys involved in the illicit internet fraud have coined a way to make themselves feel like Robinhood.


"The "ROBIN HOOD" strategy is the oldest trick in the book. OIt is not based on generosity, it is truly based on survival. Building a false fall of "good" deeds so when trouble comes knocking, one has a super army to fight for," she wrote on her Instagram stories.

3. Timi Dakolo


Timi Dakolo we all know sees the funny side of everything no matter how serious the issue is but this time around he wrote a cryptic message concerning Noble Igwe's now famous tweet on his Instagram page which got him a lot of comments.


"Noble men speak the truth regardless of who is listening or not," he wrote.

4. Cobham


Unlike Timi Dakolo who went cryptic about his views and support for Noble Igwe's tweets, music producer, Cobhams Asuoquo didn't hide his feelings as he did not only put up Noble's photo on his Instagram page but went on to write a defensive message and show solidarity to the fashion entrepreneur.


"I stand with @noble_igwe and applaud him for daring to speak the truth so succinctly. We should all take a page from this and call out the things we know are wrong. Noble, you're a good man. Only those who don't have a burden for Nigeria would fault his stance on what cybercrime is doing to the country. #cybercrime #yahooboys #nigeria #youths #greatness," he wrote.

5. Efe (BBNaija)

Unlike the other guys in this list, Efe had gone to his Twitter handle to justify the actions of these internet fraudsters, however, he later back tracked after receiving a lot of lashes from his followers.

"Yahoo boys bring money into the economy, Politicians steal money and take it out of our economy. Nigerians please who is justified?" he tweeted initially.

"Disclaimer: I, Efe Ejeba is no way in support of fraud or fraudulent activities. I only gave out a food for though. Thank you.
GetYourPVCs MakeNigeriaBetter ProudlyNigerian " he back tracked.


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