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Netflix is making a big change that’ll interrupt binge watching marathons

Reports have emerged Netflix will begin slotting in ads for its other shows before the next episode queues up.

‘We are testing whether surfacing recommendations between episodes helps members discover stories they will enjoy faster,’ Netflix said in a statement to tech site Ars Technica.

Predictably there was a lot of chatter about the change on a Reddit thread devoted to the subject.

‘I’ve been predicting ads on these streaming sites for years,’ wrote a user called NubSauceJr woefully.

‘I said it would start like this. A quick ad before a show starts. Then once that is accepted they will decide to put an add in the middle of a show. Then they will move to “limited commercial interruptions” and finally full on advertising like we have on tv now.’

Another user, called heisenberg747, wrote: ‘I refuse to support advertising of any kind. Find another way to make money.’

It appears that only a select group of Netflix users will see the ads at first as the company tests out whether or not they’re effective at getting people to watch more shows.

It’s also unclear whether or not the adverts play in between episodes of non-Netflix original content. We also don’t know what geographical regions they will be rolled out to or whether it makes a difference if you’re watching Netflix through a set-top box or on a TV.

At least it appears these adverts will be skippable.

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